♡10 things before Pokémon Go 

My attention span can be questionable- sometimes, so much so it’s almost surprising how I’ve become a bit too obsessed with the recent release of Pokémon Go in the UK (and just about available from the App Store and Android worldwide now!) and most truly, I know I’m not the only one.

I’ve never been a game fanatic since the light of Gameboys & the early DS and it’s not a usual thing for me to talk about on here but hey, the world is our oyster. By now I’m almost too sure that you will have known what Pokémon Go is but what was it like before we all started saying “Ooh it’s there” and “Gotcha!“? Okay, so maybe the game hasn’t been all life changing but stay with me on this!

1. Staying on one app was never easy– not when you have cat posts on Facebook every 10 minutes, or Jack from accounts calling you for dates, or them jaw dropping photos on Insta, or them beautiful things sitting in the basket on your favourite shopping site. Yea about that, anyone can solidly be on Pokémon Go for minutes to hours no end to hatch them 5km eggs or hopping around for them rares, catches and gym battles!

2. Netflix and chill. Hmm, Pretty Little Liars, OITNB, The Vampire Diaries, Jane the Virgin or how about a really cute film and popcorn for a night-in for one? I don’t know about you but it almost feels like every hour has a specific moment not to be missed in case we miss our chances of finding any particular of Pokémon.

3. Sorry I have other plans– I don’t have other plans so let’s go find some Pokémon together! In the last few days, living in the town centre I’ve not seen so many people hobbling to the same spots so systematically regardless, and that’s for the goodies from virtual Pokéstops.

4. How about some exercise? With Pokémon Go, you are always on the go (but it doesn’t mean the gym can wait later btw!). Maybe like me, you’ve discovered that when you sit in the same spot for a little while, the game sort of glitches so you’re moving but not moving and sometimes still finding Pokémon. When you move outside it just motivates you to see what’s out there because the Pokémon are just about anywhere!

5. I’m tryiiing to make new friends. As much as anyone can have a few good friends or the best bunch of friends, Pokémon Go has you going out to all sorts of places and making conversations with new people, it is that easy.

6. Don’t know much about Pokémon. I’ll admit that I never had much attention span for the earlier Pokémon games and so I don’t know all the names to the Pokémon or I can be so unfamiliar with how some of the game works but with Pokémon Go it has a unique and fun kind of way of gaming that is so understandable and so easy to follow.

7. Uzz. Oh it’s just an alert for when that deadline comes, oh again and that’s when I have to go to the dentist…something from Facebook- not that important…and Gotcha! This game does drain the battery life out of your phone so quickly too.

8. Capturing that moment on camera. I’ve seen so many people screen grabbing their most recent catches from the app and to say it’s not a competition can be short of a statement. From all the everyday places to the all-ever unusual. I’m waking up in the morning to find Rattatas on my bedroom floor, Goldeen on the carpet and Eevees chilling in clothing rails, the Pokémon and their places go on.

9. No ones looking, just take a selfie. Selfie days on snapchat are still on the brink of fun but whilst it’s still popular Pokémon Go is here, you could pull up a friend to help you get that photo next to your top catches (I don’t really plan on doing so!) but otherwise by all means this has been done. I’m finding it so awkward when I’m stopped outside a shop or where it may be busy with people or traffic when a Pokémon coincidently appears, and yeea don’t mind me I’m just making a catch..

10. Have fun and stay safe! Likewise, it’s just a game but there are some things about playing the game safely that has been a cause for concern- so whether it be catching a cool Pokémon, hanging out with friends or playing battles at the gym, just be aware of where you are and who you are with and an emergency power source just in case.

I think the “best favourite” Pokémon I have so far is Eevee, so adorable! I’ve been playing almost non-stop for 2 days and I’m on level 8, how about your favourites/level?

In a while x


Where have I been?
To keep things mutually respectable, I was finishing Second Year at uni (Passed!) and moving around again, adapting things again then to learn about a few sad family things happen that I shalln’t go in to- that partly made me feel better to just neglect a chunk of social media- I didn’t have the bestest frame of mind to post then but I am most definitely back with ‘a year in blogging’, lifestyle and beauty posts, click lists and more! Thank you x

♡Photo Diary: When in Paris!

I can’t quite get my head around the fact that we’re already into June, and coming around the corner will be both my brother’s birthdays. A bank holiday weekend in Paris feels like a long time ago now and I’m missing the holiday excitement and vibes ahh. I had an amazing time even when it ran only a handful of days!

The Hotel
We stayed at Relais Spa,Val d’Europe- a 4* hotel complex with spa amenities. We hadn’t left much time to spare for the in-hotel specialties but nevertheless it was still a welcoming and sweet place to stay with an atmosphere that was comforting. 

It took a morning and a mid-afternoon to reach the hotel via cross country train and then the Eurostar. The hotel was conveniently nearby a mall, that was where we went for the evening after settling our bits and pieces in our hotel rooms. 

Next day: Disneyland Day!

I am most definitely a type of Disney Lover! Ask me anything Disney related and I might be able to answer it! I mean who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Disney now and again? I think this part was one of the bigger excitements for all of us on the trip and it was definitely a magical day as they say.

Last full day: Getting lost in Paris!

Getting lost in culture is the best thing about going to a place different from home. This wasn’t the first time I had ever been to Paris so it was still fun to see the landmarks and Parisian streets all over again! I even went inside La Louvre to see the Mona Lisa painting too, that was a first time.

The Eiffel Tower


Outside La Louvre

Inside La Louvre


Paris Charm from Pandora store on Champs-Élysées

Notre Dame de Paris

We had dinner by the Notre Dame and I don’t think I’ll be trying snails anytime soon!

Arc de Triomphe

Going home day:

Packing time and a mini splurge at the mall around the corner. I travelled with some family and close family-friends. Myself and my younger cousin had waffles and smoothies at the Ben & Jerry’s cafe there! 

Taking the return to London on the Eurostar 🙂


What was/is your favourite Disney movie of all time? Mine has to be the Lion King ones! 

See you around xx